My favorite pet photographer, turned painter extraordinaire, painted a picture of my cat, Theodore Kitty. When I opened my email and saw the proof of what she had created from the picture I sent her, my husband & I were speechless. I've never seen such a detailed & beautiful painting of a pet like the one she made for me. I will certainly treasure it forever. I highly recommend Arica as a pet painter and pet photographer. You will NOT be disappointed!  - Terri Parks
What a joy to receive my pet painting today from Arica!  She is so easy to work with and I received the final product within 2 weeks!  I will treasure this painting forever. - Lorna Gomes
This past week we received our painting of our beloved Scamp. We had already seen the image online and we knew what it was when the package arrived. As Frank began opening the package, I started tearing up. When the painting was revealed, we both broke down in tears of happiness - no really. Our boy was taken away from us way too early and he was the dog of our hearts. Our beautiful painting has brought him back to us. We feel like we can almost reach out and touch him, it is so lifelike. Every hair, his eyelashes and eyebrows, and his eyes - oh his eyes - it is just spectacular. Grandpa says it is like Scamp is looking at him though a window. Thank you, Arica, for your beautiful work. While he always had a prominent place in our heart - he now holds a prominent place in our home. And my necklace is beautiful as well. We love you for this. - Frank & Denise Bianca
(Lorna requested "soft ocean blue tones" for the background and I think it's the perfect color with Mino, Nani & Koa!)
Arica did this AMAZING painting of our sweet Sophie girl. I cried the moment I saw it...oh how I miss that sweet face. It turned out just like I knew it would... perfect! I can't wait to get it up on our wall. Arica, you are truly beyond talented my friend. I'm so excited to finally own a piece of your art. Thank you so much!  Facebook Friends, make sure to check out her work and become a fan of her page! - April Durnil
Darby & Toby's painting is gorgeous - I LOVE it!! The detail and brush strokes are amazing, and the lighting... I could go on and on. :) Thank you for creating a piece of art that I will cherish forever. Love, love, love it!! - Stacy Rombach
(Stacy emailed me photos of her dogs, past and present. She said "Darby and Toby would have gotten along so well - and a painting of them together would be amazing.")
I saw one of your Pet Paintings on Facebook 6 months ago and immediately went to your website to see your gallery… knowing someday I’d want a painting by you of Parker, my English Springer Spaniel. Our canvas arrived today and it’s beautiful!!! It’s a Father’s Day surprise for my husband and I know he’ll love it! Thank you so much for the beautiful painting and for working so hard for your customers!  - Cindy Smith
Anyone that loves their pets should race to book a portrait session with Arica. The photos that she captured of all my dogs are some of my most cherished possessions.  My dogs are looking right in the camera in a way that brings joy and happiness to me and my family... and for that matter everyone who sees the pics… I would make wallpaper of Arica’s portraits of my dogs if I could…. SIMPLY AMAZING….. I can't wait for next years sitting.  - Nancy Gerson
Arica has the type of skill like no other. When a photographer can get 5 kittens to all look cute and beautiful and me as well, that is the sign of a true professional. My photo session was pure magical! I cannot wait for our next session! - Mel Lancaster
I wanted to let you know I received your card and absolutely wonderful Charlie charm in the mail today. I am so incredibly grateful and my heart absolutely pattered when I saw his tiny little face in an even tinier format. I cherish the portraits we took and had printed. They are so lovely and the quality really impressed me and exceeded expectations. But the kindness and care you take in your craft and the sweet, unexpected charm of my puppy pants makes me so overwhelmed with gratitude. I cannot find the words to really express to you what it all means to me, especially in a time where I am having to adjust to life without my tiny best friend. Again, thank you beyond words and thank you for doing what you do and bringing such joy to families who get to celebrate their fur kids with your art. It is a better world with such an, above and beyond, artist such as you! Much warmth. - Jen Steele
Several years ago, we wanted a family portrait with our 2 beloved big dogs as well as our cat (who have since passed).  Arica was the artist who made it happen.  She was completely professional, and yet so warm that the resulting portraits on canvas captured their quirky beauty and individual personalities perfectly.  I still have that canvases hanging front and center in our living room, and it warms my heart every day.  Thank you again and again, Arica, for giving us the lasting memories. 
- Claire Scholte
Just a quick message to “Arica The Dog Whisper" - Arriving for our portrait session, I was so nervous and hoping you could capture one photo of our boys together.  When the session started, our very curious boys went crazy with all the new scents and new place.  With your calmness, talent and gift of pet photography, the camera captured the most amazing pictures!!  Arica you definitely worked your magic, THANK YOU all the way from Minnesota.  - Colleen Johnson
I love the painting Arica did of our Princess girl. It is just, WOW! I had it done for my husband's birthday and just know this painting is of his girl will always be cherished and a great way to keep her with us forever! Thank you so much!

UPDATE: Hi Arica! My husband loves the painting! He just kept looking at it and saying 'that's my pretty girl'. Thank you again! - Julie Takamori