Digital Artist & Photographer

Arica Dorff is veteran pet photographer who, in 2015, began

specializing in the art of custom pet paintings.  Born in Japan and raised in Hawaii, Arica moved to Las Vegas to play softball for the University of Nevada Las Vegas and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  Shortly after college, Arica discovered her love for photography and opened a luxury pet & family studio. After nine successful years as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer, Arica sold her business and relocated to beautiful Washington State.


Now, in pet paintings, Arica brings your simple snapshots to life using state of the art digital painting software. Every inch of the digital canvas is hand-painted with thousands of meticulous brush strokes.  Arica creates custom pet paintings for pet owners, as well as for professional pet photographers wanting to offer painted images to their portrait clients.

In addition to pet paintings, Arica continues to offer pet & family portrait sessions in the Pacific Northwest, as well as around the county on her annual Pet Photography Road trip.