Pet Photographer & Digital Artist

Hi! I’m Arica Dorff and I’m a veteran pet photographer and pet painting artist. I was born in Japan, raised in Hawaii, and moved to Las Vegas to play softball for UNLV while earning my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  Shortly after college, I discovered my love for photography and opened a luxury pet & family photography studio. After nine successful years as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer with the most amazing employees and clients, I sold my business and relocated with my husband to beautiful Washington State.

Every fall, I offer portrait sessions around the country on my annual Pet Photography Road Trip. On a typical road trip, my dog and I will drive 6,000 miles through 6-10 different states and shoot 35 family portrait sessions in 35 days. While on the road, we also manage to fit in complimentary adoption portraits for homeless animals, hiking, kayaking and camping.

When I’m not shooting portrait sessions, I enjoy working from home creating Pet Paintings. My Pet Paintings are created using state of the art digital painting software. Every inch of the digital canvas is hand-painted with thousands of meticulous brush strokes. Most of my Pet Paintings are created from photographs that clients provide. I also create custom pet paintings for professional pet photographers wanting to offer painted images to their portrait clients.

With my PPA Photographic Craftsman Degree (Cr.Photog.), I enjoy speaking and teaching in the photography industry.  Past workshops include West Coast School and CreativeLIVE. In January 2020, I'll be teaching a full day pre-con class at PPA's National Photography Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. In August 2020, I'll be hosting my annual Pet Photography Retreat in Portland, Oregon!  

Thank you for visiting my website! I look forward to working with you!  - Arica Dorff,  Cr.Photog. 

 Portrait by: Dana Halvorson

 Portraits by: Dana Halvorson